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Taylor Swift goes for the glittery replicant look in the latest issue of Vogue

04.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Hmm. That short, fuzzy blonde hair cut. Those impossibly long legs. The futuristic style of clothing. It's as if Melanie Griffith in CHERRY 2000 and Daryl Hannah in BLADE RUNNER had a very tame baby. Even the people behind Vogue magazine are saying this is "Taylor Swift as you've never seen her before." I'm not a huge hater of Tay-Tay, although I find it grating that women seem to label her as a girl's-girl just because she hangs out with a bunch of lingerie models. And while we're on that topic, if Vogue really wanted to show us a Swift that we've never seen before, why couldn't anyone talk her into wearing some of the lacy undergarments that her buddies get paid so lushly to wear? That's what convinces me that Swift is more "girl squad" talk than she is walk. I sense that there's some judgment there regarding the wearing of bras and panties for picture or else she might have delved into a shoot like that. It's not as if Swift doesn't already have the body for it. And remember - whatever doesn't work can be altered with Photoshop. Come on, Tay... give us a side of yourself we really haven't seen before.
Source: Vogue


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