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Taylor Swift gets hot again for a minute

11.14.2013by: Droz

I suppose I could give you a huge picture rundown on all the hot models walking the runway at the big Victoria's Secret Show last night, but I'm sure you know the routine by now. All the models came out and looked impossibly hot in their weird costumes. Same thing as every year. However, there was one unique development in this year's show, namely Taylor Swift getting hot again. You don't see that very often, or at least I don't. My problems with Taylor are many. First and foremost, I hate her music. It's just, ridiculous. I hate the fact that she's crowding out The Beatles and other iconic bands as far as numbers of hit songs go and such nonsense. The supposition there being that somehow Taylor is better than The Beatles, which just incenses me. Then you have lesser gripes, like the fact that she's relationship poison and dates people like John Mayer and has no ass. I could go on and on.

Something funny happens though when she wears those bangs and puts on a short skirt. Those seemingly small gestures manage to transform her into someone my loathing doesn't recognize. And for a time I'm allowed to find her pretty hot. That alteration is magnified by the close proximity of idealized femininity sashaying down runways next to her in their underwear. It's very much a Cinderella situation, where for a brief moment Taylor stops being that person I resent and becomes someone I can genuinely lust for. But then the ball ends and she goes back to being the affront to good music who wont stop whining about her break ups and all the rest of that stuff I hate. Ain't no glass slipper gonna rectify that.


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