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Taylor Swift gets all cleavy on the 2015 Billboard Awards red carpet

05.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Did Taylor Swift buy herself a pair of boobs or what? I've been seeing the comments made online by those who had bothered to turn into the 2015 Billboard Awards and they all seem to be arguing the question of whether or not the singer had a little more than just help from Victoria and her secrets. The white pantsuit that Swift wore on the red carpet was showing off about as much cleavage as we've ever seen from her this far but in my personal opinion, the claim that she's gotten a breast augmentation seems about as silly as the claims that Kate Hudson had a miniature set of teet installed as well. In Kate's case, I believe her teeny bump in bump size was originated from her having a second child while in Taylor's case I think it's some very manipulative padding and specially applied boob tape. It's not that I think that Swift wouldn't buy herself boobs, I just don't see that mentality in her. She preaches too much self-acceptance nonsense that if it were true that she'd had elective surgery, she'd be keeping the tightest possible lid on that news. I just don't see how people can look at her and not get the same human version of a Holly Hobbie doll. Actually, I can, seeing as how not all of you fine folks grew up playing with dolls but yeah, Taylor is a living, breathing grownup Precious Moments baby aged to young adulthood. 
Source: Jezebel


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