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Taylor Swift finds a way to make overalls look sexy

05.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Scottish dudes are rarely easily shaken, despite their reputations for being fighters. It turns out being a good thing for the latest love interest of Taylor Swift, since the two were dogged by paparazzi as they entered and exited her posh New York apartment this week. Calvin Harris is far less known in America than the other dudes Swift has been linked with, which also helps him blend just a wee bit better, unless he's with Tay-Tay, of course. The two have been splitting their time between hanging out at her place and going out for lunch with famous friends, all the while Swift takes one of the hardest pieces of women's fashion to make look good on a woman (ever seen a busty chick rock a pair of overalls? No and you all know why) and kills it with her lithe form and tasty peek of midriff flesh. I would hate her more if I knew her personally, I'm sure. I think. I dunno, she does have a lot of money and a reputation for treating her buddies...
Source: Daily Mail


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