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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are looking even more like a couple in Vogue

02.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I'm sure the thought behind this photoshoot from Vogue magazine was that it was going to make model Karlie Kloss and her bestie Taylor Swift look like a couple of really tall, blonde babes reinventing THELMA & LOUISE but instead is coming off like spank fodder for the girl favoring girls who have projected their fantasies upon the two. Bisexuality isn't all that uncommon among most of the women in the fashion industry, as noted by me watching GIA over and over again to remind myself how hot Angelina Jolie was when she had some meat on her bones. (Or ogling images of Cara Delevingne macking on Michelle Rodriguez.) Swift has always maintained a pristine image for the general public (and I honestly think she's a nice girl in that boring, perfect way of hers) but wouldn't it be interesting if she was indeed tripping the rainbow sheets fantastic? it's at least a whole lot more interesting than two beautiful white blonde girls taking a road trip.
Source: Page Six


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