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Taylor Schilling looked beautiful out of the orange for charity event

10.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's easy to forget just how pretty Taylor Schilling is when she's not wearing her prison garb on Orange is the New Black. Taylor was one of the many celebrities who stepped out for the God's Love We Deliver 2016 Golden Hearts Awards, a charity designed to recognizing those in the public eye who use their celebrity to make positive social changes in their communities, which really sounds less like a charity and more like another opportunity for rich people to dress up fancy and pat themselves on the back for handing out hot meals at Thanksgiving or something. But I guess Schilling needs something to do between production of her NetFlix show and making movies, one of which is the upcoming dark comedy, PHIL, directed by actor Greg Kinnear. I'm sure, much like the rest of us who watch the ladies of Litchfield, she too needed a distraction from last season's ending. The fifth season of OITNB will start some time in 2017.
Source: Got Celeb


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