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Taylor Schilling is all denim and flowers for Elle Canada

07.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Forgive me if I'm not a fan of the expression "Canadian Tuxedo," especially if it gets thrown around simply because a woman is wearing denim in a Canadian magazine. "Orange is the New Black" star Taylor Schilling is doing just that for Elle's August 2015 issue of their Canadian publication, but I find the fashion to just be casual more than anything else. If you think about her character always being in prison, I'd imagine that the one thing she's like to get back to wearing would be a well-worn and comfortable pair of jeans.

More intriguing is that Schilling is using the interview portion of her feature to slam current social media culture - specifically recognizing one of its biggest manipulators. "'I do not believe this celebrity Kim Kardashian culture is what I signed up for. I'd rather create something honest than try to create something for a social-media account," Schilling says.

"There is something so sad about going online and seeing almost everyone shouting, 'Notice me, notice me!' Which is such a human desire - to be acknowledged. It takes a lot of bravery to be authentic and honest and to take that social mask off in order to connect with another human being. So much of what makes us who we are is smoothed away online. And what truly connects us is the wrinkles, not the smoothness." I might not always like Piper and her bitchy, self-centered agendas, but Taylor is proving to be a wonderfully articulate person with some particularly intelligent perspective. 

Source: Daily Mail


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