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Taylor Marie Hill will keep your spirits bright in Victoria Secret's Xmas catalog

10.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor
It's strange saying that I'm over Candice Swanepoel, mainly because when the leggy South African model first began churning out the catalog spreads with Victoria's Secret, I cut to the front of the line to support her. Now that she's been one of the most recognizable faces from the popular lingerie company, I'm ready to move on to newer angels, something I'm guessing the company is sensing what with the number of new additions they've had join their family recently. My favorite so far is 19-year old Illinois native, Taylor Marie Hill, who is bringing some fun and skin to her October 2015 catalog feature. I like her fuller (for a Victoria's Secret model) hips and even fuller lips but it's the slight slant to her cat's eyes that really grab me. Now... we need only sit and wait to see if Taylor can break out like Candice too.
Source: Got Celeb


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