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Taylor Marie Hill leggy at the VMAs and topless for V Magazine

08.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

Taylor Marie Hill needn't worry about being confined to events catered only towards the inner circle of lingerie models. No, when you're as unbelievably, f**king sexy as she, there's hardly a door that won't open nor a velvet rope that won't part. That's why she has carte blanche to show up at the MTV 2016 Video Music Awards and dangle a truly stunning red carpet entrance in front of the evening's hottest music professionals. Babe watchers who enjoy a nice pair of legs will get a lot of miles out of these images, and the ones who enjoy everything else will rejoice at the site of her latest spread for V Magazine. Her publicist really needs to advise a Miami Beach bikini trip and set up an "accidental" crossing of paths with the paparazzi. This is a hottie who should be getting a lot more exposure. The day may come when this stunner's marquee value skyrockets – and attending awards for music videos will be considered slumming it.

Source: V MagazineNS4W


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