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Taylor Lautner challenged to a push-up contest over lawsuit

08.31.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Taylor Lautner, the 18-year old kid best known for flashing his abs and sleepwalking through his "performance" as the werewolf Jacob in the popular TWILIGHT series (I refuse to refer to it as a "saga" because - er, GAG me), has filed a $40,000 lawsuit against an RV dealership because the trailer that he was supposed to get during the time her was working on a new film was delivered late and purportedly needed a lot of repairs and upgrades in order to be up to snuff. The lawsuit actually states that Lautner has suffered "emotional distress" and "annoyance" caused by the breach of contract.

So what's Brent McMahon, owner of McMahon's RV in Irvine, California, proposing to do in response to this legal action? Challenge the kid to a push-up contest. Um, yeah. Lautner's lawyers have claimed that this challenge is a prime example of the lack of professionalism that the actor had to deal with when waiting for his $300,000 custom RV to not get delivered to spec. McMahon countered by saying that if he won the contest, he would donate the $40K to Children's Hospital of Orange County.

While I think that the contest suggestion IS unprofessional and crude in response to a lawsuit, I also feel that wussy werewolf boy might need to readjust his priorities and attempt solving situations like this through other means before automatically suing. You know, stop and be grateful that you're 18 years old and able to command a $300K vehicle for the purpose of sleeping and eating in while you "act" on another movie that you landed because of your looks and not due to any talent.


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