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Tara's Troubles

08.08.2008by: Cherry Liquor

At one point in her career, Tara Reid was kinda hot. She was never scorching and she couldn't act for shit, but we all know that didn't stop Jessica Alba. Given the right handlers, Tara could have gotten the right wardrobe and make-up slatherings to have had us all fooled. Instead, she's just another favorite tabloid punching bag.

I think it's kinda sad that when Tara applied to be a part of the popular dance show, "Dancing With the Stars," they told her she wasn't wholesome enough and turned her down. This is the show that featured washed-up actress Lisa Rinna, drug-addiction poster child Tatum O'Neal and talk show ring leader Jerry Springer. They seriously couldn't get behind Tara rockin' a tranny dress and stilettos while dancing to a shitty cover of some shitty Coldplay song?

Another reason for Tara to be crying in her tequila? The 32-year old has had to resort to looking for a roommate to help her pay the rent on a summer house that she's living in. One non-celebrity started to take the bait and then backed out and started giving interviews about how she thought that Tara would be unreliable. Dammit, now I actually want to give the girl a hug.

Source: Fox News


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