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Tanya Mityushina slips us a little something extra at John Wick 2 premiere

02.01.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Well, hello there, Tanya Mityushina! At the red carpet premiere of JOHN WICK 2 the beautiful model made the bold decision to wear a silky PJs-looking long jacket and shorts without a shirt or any underthings, which results in us getting a peek at her nipple when she turned to the side. It's not as if Tanya has no experience with nudity, she IS a model, after all, and marketing the body is the main criteria for that job. It's just always nice to see someone forgo the nipple shields/double tape and take a risk, especially when it pays off for our benefit. Tanya was featured in the movie DON JON, listed only as "White Shorts." I'm sure you'll be whitening up your shorts when getting a look at this fine creature.
Source: Hollywood Life


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