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Tanya Mityushina looks sweet in Salty Swimwear

03.30.2017by: No Cool Handle

Russian hottie Tanya Mityushina used her gift for looking sexy in bikinis to the benefit of Salty Swimwear; yet another in a long line of bathing suit designers. Reasonable people can disagree over the swimsuit issue's relevance (or lack thereof), but it's still the best way to get a hot girl some steady work. Tanya here has been featured in both SI Intimates and the 2016 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. That's all bikini model needs on her resume to land a gig at any one of the top bikini companies; there's no better inroad. However, with a body like Tanya's, Sports Illustrated or no, this unbelievably fit Ruskie would never find herself wanting for more work. I'm one inebriated decision away from hiring an ambitious seamstress to design an entire Spring/Summer line of skimpy swimwear, just so I can create more work for Ms. Mityushina. I could stand to see plenty more of that booty in a string of catalog-ready photos. One look at this collection and I think you'll agree.

Source: Salty Swimwear


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