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Tami Donaldson gets physical, physical in sexy 80's inspired workout photoshoot

07.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Do we perhaps have a new Maitland Ward? I know, I know, you all think my obsession with that slice of ginger goodness is unhealthy for everyone involved but her photoshoots are always full of fun. Thankfully, the people over at Arsenic Magazine have recruited former Barker's Beauty, Tami Donaldson for an '80's inspired pseudo-workout shoot, giving us a chance to ogle this finely formed woman. Donaldson was a part of "The Price is Right" lineup of spokesmodels for 2007-08, the years right after Barker left the show and Drew Carey took over, but what exactly would they have redubbed the babes who smile and point at household appliances? Carey's C you next Tuesday's? Tami has had some minor roles in movies such as MIDDLEMEN, with Luke Wilson and her Instagram account is filled with proof that she's going far too unrecognized. Perhaps we could get her to pose for us at MovieHotties in a She-Ra inspired photoshoot next? Lady certainly has the assets and personality to be that sexy heroine.
Source: ArsenicMag


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