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Tallia Storm's tight booty makes an appearance in Barbados

12.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

How come almost every member of the Jenner family ends up in a beef with somebody? Hardly a week goes by I don't come across a babe of some note who's had a run-in with one of them – usually on social media – even the more obscure hotties like Scottish R&B singers Tallia Storm can't seem to stay out of their dramatic reach. F**k the details because, really; who cares? What matters is her rumored scuffle with Kenndall doesn't appear to be affecting her time on vacation. Here's some images captured while the little lass hit up the beaches of Barbados. All I really know of Tallia is she was discovered by Elton John and has one hell of a bikini body. For all for all intents and purposes, do we need to know anything else? You needn't but check out her flat midriff and tight ass before you'll answer that question with a resounding no.

Source: NS4W


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