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Tallia Storm wears a designer loincloth to The Legend of Tarzan premiere

07.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

One of the things I never bought about the whole story of Tarzan was his unprotested involvement in a monogamous relationship. The idea that a savage would be so quick to give into romantic sentiments is a nice thought but, ultimately, a more unrealistic notion the than very idea of a man raised by apes. In fact, the moment he set foot in a city teeming with a seemly endless selection of potential mates you'd probably see him going through as many willing participants as possible – when you look like Alexander Skarsgard, there will be a lot of willing participants. Just imagine if Scottish R&B singer Tallia Storm was standing in front of the 6' 4 mountain of masculinity wearing a matching loincloth. The only possible outcome from such an encounter would be a tree-toppling, rumble in the jungle with Tarzan, Jane and Tallia getting into some primal shit. Forget the vine-swinging courting, it's straight to business. Anyway, is Tallia in the running for outfit of the month or what?

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