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Tallia Storm in an over accessorized, but still really hot bikini

06.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here's a quick bit of paraphrasing from Wikipedia to bring you up to speed: Tallia Storm is a Scottish R&B / soul singer (McLovin, anyone?) who was "discovered" by Elton John at the age of 13... And the sight of her in a two piece may bring about a propensity for fondling yourself.

I could go on and on about the stimulating view of this bonny lass in a two piece, or the impracticality of accessorizing said two piece with so much hardware, but let's talk about the dangers of it instead. They say while swimming in the ocean chances are your swimming in closer proximity to a shark than you may imagine; for the most part, they tend not to bother you. They also say, much like gobs of bloody fish entrails, sharks are attracted to shiny objects. So when a hot piece of trim like Ms. Storm here dares enter a sharks toothy domain, she's essentially chumming the waters by other means. Why bring this up? Do I really think a super predator is going to attack this hot highlander because of a sparkling piece of bling? – No, but it's possible. Even if there is just the smallest chance for such a tragic occurrence, I feel it incumbent upon myself to give her a heads up. Not because her gruesome demise would weigh heavily on my conscience, but because if anyone is going to make a meal out of Thalia, it's going to be me.

Source: Got Celeb


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