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Tallia Storm adds some sunshine to Barbados in her little yellow bikini

12.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I think for 2017 I'm going to branch out and start learning more about these up-and-coming European singers that clearly need attention on this side of the pond. Yesterday, it was Swedish cutie Zara Larsson showing off that Barbie look and this time it's Scottish singer Tallia Storm returning to our site with even more bikini goodness. At 18, Storm has a lot of room to continue to develop her body of work, not just as a musician but as a babe on the rise and she's making the most of it this winter vacation with all of these beach jaunts in tiny swimwear. And when you've been discovered by Elton John, you've clearly got some magic working on your side in the professional sense. I hope Avril doesn't mind that I don't have time to notice she's finally releasing new music. Or that she's now a thirtysomething twice-divorced irrelevant pop culture icon now.
Source: CelebMafia


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