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Let's remember all the good times we've had with Carrie Fisher

12.27.2016by: Droz

By most accounts 2016 has been a pretty awful year, in particular when it comes to celebrities. We've lost so many it has become ridiculous. If they discovered some sort of conspiracy happening to kill off beloved members of our various performing communities, I don't think many of us would be surprised at this point. As you have probably heard by now, our beloved Carrie Fisher just passed away, after suffering heart failure a few days ago. This one hit me pretty hard, more so than any other this year, with the exception of Gene Wilder. Speaking as a lifelong STAR WARS fan, I can say with no reservations that her loss is tantamount to losing a family member.

I was but a tyke when the last movie in the original trilogy came out. Even then, I understood something special was happening with her. It wasn't until later when I was able to understand what that special thing was. I wont lie and say I wasn't impressed for life by Carrie's bikini-wearing skills. Who wasn't? Fortunately recent years and the evening out of hormonal responses have given me insight into just how beautiful Carrie was during her time as Leia and beyond. Being as completely disarmed by dark brown doe eyes and long, brunette locks as I am, it seems only logical that my more formative years spent appreciating Carrie's adventures in space have something to do with my fancies there.

While many of us have a deep connection to Carrie's royal alter ego, our perspective of the role is something Carrie herself did not often share. Like many an actor from iconic franchises, she found it difficult to break away from the role. Other successes came her way in the 40-years since first playing Princess Leia. Yet those successes always seemed to be connected back to STAR WARS somehow. As a result, the understandable resentment Carrie felt toward that role was something she tended to wear on her sleeve. She had no shortage of knocks and slights to offer up about her bun-haired chief claim to fame, though usually in a playfully jabbing way, rather than anything overtly hostile.

Even if STAR WARS was something of a love/hate situation for Carrie, the love many of us have for the woman herself will last well beyond today. And fortunately there are many ways to celebrate our love for Carrie. Some might chose to read one of her excellent books, or watch her in any number of movies she's made over the years. I'll be joining my many brothers and sisters the robust community of STAR WARS fans, who will always choose to remember Carrie as our beautiful princess, now gone to a place far, far away.

RIP Carrie Fisher

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