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Take a moment to look over the captivating curves of Camila Alves

05.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

In case you don't know, this Brazilian model, Camila Alves, is the sexy spouse of Matthew McConaughey; how great it must be to be him. As if fame and fortune weren't enough, he gets to explore this curvy terrain every night. We need more events like 'Goldie’s Love In For Kids,' not because it inspires the more fortunate to aid needy children, but because it often results in mega hotties like Mrs. McConaughey rallying her unsupported chest to the cause. Rarely does she provide the world with such unobstructed views of that beautiful bust, but when she does, it brings to mind all those splendid photos back from when she was a more active model. I wonder what kind of boost in donations Goldie Hawn's foundation receives when a woman as fine as Camila makes an appearance tits out? The many philanthropist at that event weren't reaching into their pants to grab their checkbooks.

Source: Got Celeb


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