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Take a hike! This Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom thing is really happening

03.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I really do not know how to feel about this Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom thing. Sure, there are people who will defend Bloom, many of whom have noted that he has been nice to their children, but anyone who can't control his temper in the face of the walking joke that is Justin Bieber has me raising a skeptical eyebrow. When you factor in that Katy also has a habit of picking dudes that are ultimately very bad for her (I have always liked Russell Brand, so I'm not calling him a bad dude, just bad for our Katy... John Mayer on the other hand...), one has to pause and take stock of whether they're willing to support this generation's strongest female pop star. (And yes, Gaga fans, I know, I know, but Gaga is more than just pop.) There are some websites that have already taken to referring to Katy & Orlando as "Ploom" which is just stupid as f*ck. Especially when you consider that you can refer to them as OrKa. That's a whale of a better name, if I do say so myself.
Source: Yahoo


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