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Take a dip with the sexy Josephine Skriver

Just who is Josephine Skriver, you ask? Well she's a 22 year old Danish model and she's hot as hell. Enough said.

Josephine's been racking up an impressive list of credits based, no doubt, on her magnificent rack. These pool photos are just the kind of showcase Josephine's talents deserve, as we get some nice looks at her shapely little tight ass as well. I can't decide when looking at these pictures whether I like her best when she's got the icy "model look" on or when she's letting a little smile peek out from underneath it all... I think I'd say the smile; it makes it easy to imagine that I've just walked out onto the pool deck and she's delighted to see that I've brought some sunscreen lotion to apply on her. We'd have to start by undoing her bikini top, so she doesn't get tanlines, but then- nevermind. I'm getting way ahead of myself here. Just enjoy Josephine in the water, will you? I'll be over there. In the corner. 

Source: Popoholic


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