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Take a break from COMIC-CON and join Kelly Brook in her hot and sweaty Saturday morning work-out video!

07.24.2010by: Seth Gecko

Goddamn...all this COMIC-CON coverage can be rough on the body sometimes when you have to sit down for hours on end collecting photos, news, etc. I think I need a quick break and if there are more of you out there like me, I have the perfect solution to ease the workload. How about watching Kelly Brook exercising and speaking in her sexy British dialect while wearing a skin tight pink tank-top and pants? Sound good? If that's the case, scroll down and play the new behind-the-scenes workout video that Kelly has provided. You can probably just sit there and you'll just sweat off a few pounds from how f#cking smokin' she is. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: A shit load more COMIC-CON coverage is on the way!
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6:44PM on 07/24/2010
So damn hot! Can't wait for her issue of Playboy to come out.
So damn hot! Can't wait for her issue of Playboy to come out.
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