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Swedish girl Alicia Vikander wore a Mona Lisa smile to The Danish Girl premiere

11.25.2015by: Droz

Every year brings at least one breakout hottie to our attention. This year was without a doubt Alicia Vikander's time to shine. Creepy sleeper hit EX MACHINA introduced us to her skills as a hottie, and movies like THE DANISH GIRL, which Alicia was helping to premiere below, brought us all up to speed on her skills as an actress. She's got a lot going for her, but these pics demonstrate probably my favorite thing about Alicia - namely that little mischievous smile she often wears. Very much ripped off from Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting, it's that kind of playful, kind of flirtatious, sort of secretive grin which does such a good job of piquing one's interest. She wears it well. I'm always happy to add a new especially beautiful addition to my list of favorite hotties. Alicia made my permanent watch list this year.

Source: Superior Pics


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