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Super hot patriot Lais Ribeiro is unfazed by the impending Olympic disaster

08.03.2016by: Droz

I hate to sound like a harbinger of doom over the imminent Rio Olympics. Yet with diseases already spreading among athletes, infrastructure collapsing and/or unlivable, a country on the cusp of social and political chaos, and criminal elements running rampant across the city, this year's Olympics looks like it could be a big enough snafu to end all Olympics forever. Or at least cause a major shakeup in terms of how the IOC does business. However bad that shit might be, it's clearly not having much of an impact on model Lais Ribeiro's fondness for her homeland. You do see that a lot from people in these parts of the world. Their countries might be a total cesspool of corruption and violence, but they'll still wave their flag just as proudly. I suppose if one needed a booster for the good things about Brazil, they could do worse than Lais or her fellow countrywomen. Brazil does make some damn fine hotties.

Laia Ribeiro hot Brazilian model
Source: GQ


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