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Super hot model Alejandra Guilmant makes a sexy mess of an ice cream cone

01.26.2016by: Droz

If you've had any kind of experience with pictures of hot, naked women being posted online (which goes without saying for most folks who come to a site like this), you've probably seen plenty of Mexican hottie Alejandra Guilmant here. She's one of those especially choice models who can't seem to keep her clothes on in most of her spreads. Not only that, but she's almost always oiled down with something in these spreads, strutting naked down some riviera somewhere, her full breasts and flawless body glistening in the dying rays of a sunset. What a woman she is. This time around though, Alejandra gave the body oils a rest and went on a more whimsical course with the dripping of liquids onto her barely covered body - specifically the melting drips of an ice cream cone covering her flawless abs and continuing down her perfect thighs. Normally the prospect of an ice cream cone dripping all over is unappealing. Not when it's Alejandra's cone though. She can be as messy as she wants to while she's licking up that creamy goodness.

Source: GotCeleb


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