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Summer Glau, The nerds Aphrodite, attends Chicago Comic Con

08.24.2015by: No Cool Handle

Firefly fan boys are some of the most dedicated enthusiast you will ever come across. Years after a single season run and feature-length capstone, the loyalists still don the brown coat in attendance to nostalgic Q&A panels; honoring the brief sci-fi franchise. The nimble Summer Glau probably has something to do with the refuse-to-die enthusiasm. She captured the hearts and minds of geeks everywhere playing the slinky, enigmatic River Tam. She could hit as hard as a 300 pound linebacker with the grace of a 90 pound ballerina, and look sexy doing it. In reality she recently attended the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago; still looking mighty fine and almost just as fit. Maybe she's staying in such great shape for the inevitable Firefly reunion show. Yes I said inevitable; I consider myself an honorary brown coat dammit, and I refuse to believe we won't get at least one more adventure with the crew of Serenity. Now that you're not going to helm any more Avenger movies Mr. Whedon - please make that happen.

Here's the link to the really funny panel Q&A featuring Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion & Summer Glau: Firefly Panel

Extra Tidbit: Kaylee's dead.
Source: Got Celeb


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