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Sugar Lyn Beard goes for a sweet deep plunge for Mike & Dave premiere

07.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
At first I thought, wow... that's one cute little chick putting some awesome cleavage on display because Sugar Lyn Beard is 4'11", cute as all get out and big or small, all cleavage is welcome in this all too cruel and unjust world. Then I went looking to figure out more on Beard, who plays the bride in question in MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES (yes, "burn victim Barbie"). Turns out this little slice of sweetness was the voice of Sailor Mini Moon during the fourth and final season of "Sailor Moon," not to mention the voice of Wish Bear in the those Care Bear movies rebooted during the mid-2000's. Sugar has been building some more face time on screen with her roles in this film, 50/50 and ALOHA, although she'll be doing the voice thing again in SAUSAGE PARTY later in the summer. Getting in good with the Apatow gang has also landed her in THE MASTERPIECE, James Franco's mockumentary about the beloved bad flick, THE ROOM. A lady this lovely definitely shouldn't be hidden behind the microphone.
Source: Saw First


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