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Strap in, for it's time to look at Emily Ratajkowski in her Cannes bikinis

05.17.2017by: Droz

I've never been to the Cannes Film Festival before. I'd kinda like to go to one, but not being rich and famous I suspect I'd be missing out on a lot of the best reasons to go to Cannes. Sure, there are the movies and the famous people on display, but there's also what happens after the screenings and the red carpet galas - stuff like what you see here with Emily Ratajkowski in a strappy bikini number. Obviously any event where you get to hang out with Emily in a pool with her T&A popping is going to be a great thing. Add to that yachts and the South of France locales and you have the stuff of an epic life experience. Clearly I need to become a millionaire celebrity before I can scratch Cannes off my bucket list. I gotta work on that.

Emily Ratajkowski red bikini at Cannes 2017Emily Ratajkowski red bikini at Cannes 2017Emily Ratajkowski Cannes 2017 hand bra

Source: Kayuty


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