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Storm tossed LA forces Hilary Duff to pair her booty with boots

02.22.2017by: Droz

I know the Los Angeles area was just hit with some of the biggest storms that area has seen in years. I'm sure all the falling trees and flooded streets really did a number on the nerves of more than a few Angelenos. Still, I think Hilary Duff may be overdoing the precautions by carrying around galoshes. I get it. Actual weather is a new thing for them. In my part of Cali the damns are bursting and yet most people hardly bat an eye. Fortunately any fears Hilary has aren't preventing her from bringing the booty/camel toe shoes post workout. I see she goes to an appropriately named studio for her yoga routines. "Hotte Bodies" may be an annoyingly purposeful misspelling, but it is apropos to their clientele.

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