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Stills of Kendra's Sex Tape

05.13.2010by: Randy the Ram

After the rumors, the denials, the lawsuit threats and numerous other allegations around Kendra's sex tape, Vivid Video has made it official, they have some tapes where the former girl next door is apparently playing wide receiver with multiple partners. They're setting this up to be better than PAM & TOMMY LEE: STOLEN HONEYMOON (although no one can compare to the HUGE attention Pamela Anderson got all over the world back in the 90's). The porn company posted some slightly NSFW preview stills from KENDRA EXPOSED in order to wet the appetite of the fans before they get the greenlight to distribute.

Those images definitely scream skanky cheap Walmart porn, they give me an icky Laura Palmer's videodiary feeling but of course that won't stop me from being there on launch date. It seems the reasons the videos got made are between just deciding to f*ck and tape themselves for a kinky fun time and trying to show the world just how hot you can ride the funpole in order to get semi-famous.

Extra Tidbit: I have a feeling Kendra will be one of those girls that make weird distracting noises while humping. We'll just have to wait and see wont we?
Source: The Superficial


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