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Stella Maxwell was all legs for a night out in London

02.22.2017by: No Cool Handle

All was quiet on a brisk London evening until Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell showed up on the streets in a strategically cut dress, each slice carefully placed to aid in the showing off of the lanky blonde's ridiculously fit thighs. Just look at the cuts running up and down those finely tuned muscles: The adductor, the flexsor and the extensor. Every one of her tendons working together to put onlookers into a dual state of awe and disbelief. I love how these Victoria's Secret models use every opportunity to turn a sidewalk, a red carpet, hell, even a f**king hallway into a catwalk; if they're not constantly creating a sexy spectacle, they're not doing their job. I wonder if there's a clause in an angel's contract that says she must commit to existing in a perpetual state of hottness – it's mandatory, and any breach in said agreement will result in punitive damages. Stella Maxwell may not be the most curvaceous of models, but her physically fit form certainly has its appeal.

Source: NS4W


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