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Stella Maxwell redefines what it means to be cheeky

02.21.2017by: Droz

You gotta appreciate the "f*ck it" attitude with which model Stella Maxwell lives her life. She goes out to the club with the boobs out? Eh, so what? She gets her friends drunk and makes out with them in public? Yeah, and...? She literally hangs her ass out of some cut offs wearing the fishnet stockings? Get over it. She just don't care who see's any of that shit. It's actually a much more honest way for someone in her line of work to be. Most models show off some skin for a living. That's basically the definition of being a model. But then there are some models who, when off the clock, carry themselves like someone who doesn't have a magazine available for purchase on every newsstand in the country wherein you can see their T&A brought out in copious amounts. It just doesn't add up. Seems to me like if you gonna flaunt it, then own it too. You don't necessarily have to go to Stella's extremes, but don't feel like you have to live two lives. All my favorite models aren't afraid to let a little of their professional showiness seep into their everyday lives. And that's why they're the best.

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