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Stella Maxwell has the ass of an angel in new Victoria's Secret shoot

03.07.2017by: No Cool Handle

It's been a few weeks since Sports Illustrated napalmed the globe with their stockpile of bikini-clad bombshells. You would think such a high profile occurrence would cause other major purveyors of female flesh to retaliate. Alas, no major photo dumps from Beach Bunny Swimwear, LOVE, or the obvious top contender, Victoria's Secret. Sports Illustrated even poached a couple of Victoria's Secret's foot soldiers for their spread – Lisa Ribeiro, for one example – and not a word of any major event shoots on the horizon. I guess they're letting this one go without a fight. I suppose it's not like they haven't been releasing some sexy (albeit, standard) lingerie shoots lately. Anyone in the business of selling sexy undergarments would be proud to feature this Stella Maxwell spread in their catalog. The photogenic angel always adds a nice bit of sugar and spice to any image she shows up in. This is a model I could stand to see a lot more of.

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