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Stay updated with some adds of Kate Beckinsale's lovely shape

12.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, then Kate Beckinsale is the body that gets a million clicks. The images from Kate's most recent shoot for Shape Magazine continue to slowly make their way onto the Internet. One might ask: Why not wait until the entire spread is released? Well, if you take a look at what's been released thus far, you'd know. One does not simply sit on a Kate Beckinsale photo as hot as this; it is folly. That body creates a sense of urgency to share it with anyone who will appreciate it – which is pretty much everyone. After a years worth of unparalleled sexiness – that's Kate making public appearances in everything from ass-accentuating spandex to elegant cocktail dresses with deep, plunging necklines – this legendary MILF is looking to close out 2016 strong and, hopefully, up the ante in 2017.

Source: Shape


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