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Start your day with some Jessica Alba bikini booty

03.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

Yesterday I wrote, "Let's hope her [Alba] Hawaiian vacation lasts a bit longer; long enough to get at least one of those signature ass-on-all-fours shot." Here we are on day three of Jessica Alba's early Spring bikini tour and that has yet to happen, but we're a little closer. The only element missing is the on-all-fours, part - the ass is there, lit by the bright light of our nearest star. These are the kind of shots I love waking up to; Images of a fine ass under the sun sets an optimistic tone for the rest of the day. When said ass is protruding from non other than Alba herself, your day could turn into total shit and you won't even mind thanks to the euphoric state of mind these images will leave you in. That, coupled with the fact she still has more vacation days on the calendar (most likely, anyway) has me in anticipation for all of the possible depictions of booty that may come to fruition. For now, these awesome angles will suffice. I'm glad Ms. Alba's out there, taking it easy for all of us.

Source: NSFW


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