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Staring at Katy Perry's luscious thighs will have you seeing stars

11.12.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Here's something to like about Katy Perry: it doesn't matter if you're a scrub hustling at slave wage's to earn enough cash for a ticket to one of her concerts stateside of if you're a rich douchnozzle who can afford to hire her for a special party at an airshow in Dubai, you're going to get the same show. While it might be a nice thought that Perry would be willing to go topless for enough money, that shit just isn't happening. The same glittery, starry outfits here are the ones you'll see when she sings for the people who scrape their pennies together to keep her famous. Katy has always seemed especially accommodating of her home country Katy Kats, stopping to sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans and even knowing some of the names and faces of her most devout. Gotta love a girl that knows where that buttered bread keeping those juicy thighs thick comes from. 
Source: Daily Mail


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