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Springtime marks Candice Swanepoel's seasonal bikini switchover

03.18.2015by: Droz

Victoria's Secret never stops pushing beachwear, but they do like to switch up the styles as the seasons pass. Thus Candice Swanepoel presenting a new set of beachwear goodness for Spring 2015 here in the Northern Hemisphere. I suspect this supposed new line of beachwear is all bullshit. How would anyone know if they didn't just recycle the same stuff over and over? If a hottie wears a bikini from spring 2014 to go to the beach today, does she stand out like a sore thumb? Of course not. No one pays that much attention to the bikini itself. It's what's underneath the bikini that's important.

There are only a couple really important factors influencing purchases with these. First and foremost is whether they show off the T&A in a flattering way. Then maybe the color or the fabric. That's pretty much it for anyone concerned. And honestly, for almost any guy who's brought in as judge of bikini worthiness, it's really just the T&A question that matters. Therefore it's not unreasonable to assume that VS and a lot of these other bikini-makers could stockpile tons of beachwear in a few different styles and just rotate them onto store shelves season after season, pretending that they're something new. No one cares anyway. It's a racket, but one to which we're all a party. As long as they give Candice a chance to look hot, it's all good.


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