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Sports Illustrated swimsuit hottie Rose Bertram hangs out for Esquire

06.14.2016by: Droz

Rose 3 of 3, Rose Bertram, has quickly become one of my favorite aspects of each year's new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. They're pretty good about finding models without much in the way of shyness or modesty to pose in their magazine, but it seems like Rose is one of the more adventuresome amidst the myriad of perfect female specimens SI scores every year. Now that Rose is between SI spreads, the Belgian beauty is free to grace the cover of Esquire's Netherlands edition, which explains the curiously readable and unreadable text elements on her cover. It's like I can almost understand some of that, but not quite. I have no trouble understanding why Esquire chose Rose for their new edition. Girl is one of the overall best hotties I've seen in some time.

Source: Esquire


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