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Sports Illustrated names Kelly Rohrbach their swimsuit Rookie of the Year

03.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Sports Illustrated really loves their busty blondes. While not quite as well endowed as the more famous Swimsuit Edition tow-headed darling, Kate Upton, fellow bikini model, Kelly Rohrbach is holding her own well enough to get named the Rookie of the Year for the 2015 issue.

You may remember Kelly from poses such as these:



And now that she's getting her name blasted out into the great big pervy world, there are more photoshoots of Kelly popping up, including a sweaty and see-through-ish one with photographer James Macari. I get a bit disenchanted with some of these shoots, especially those that rely too heavily on the use of a model's body without capitalizing on her face. And yeah, Kelly is pretty but still not as pretty as Kate (but a big improvement over the other Upton wannabe, Charlotte McKinney).

What do you think of SI's ROTY pick?



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