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Sports Illustrated fills the big boobs quota with Myla Dalbesio

02.15.2017by: No Cool Handle

Sports Illustrated underwent a bit of transformation, something akin to modernizing a product, ready to release their bevy of barely covered babes to meet modern demands. The images are extremely high resolution and finally textured, suggesting they used the latest DSLR cameras, capable of 50 megapixel stills; the ladies are fuller, with bigger, natural tits and more curves than the skinny beach bunnies of old possessed; and there's a lot more nipple finding its way into frame than per usual. Myla Dalbesio is that modern, liberated hottie fit for a modern shoot. If SI was hell-bent on finding a curvaceous brunette with a large, supple chest and no qualms about letting a little bit of nipple seep through wet T-shirts, they couldn't have found a better subject. She's no tourist when it comes to exploitation – as the more diligent of you will see when searching through her back catalog of work – Myla has been a willing participant in shoots that called for full frontal nudity. These photos prove she was a excellent choice for filling out some bikini tops.


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