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Spinning Bunnies

09.19.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I was beginning to worry when I heard that the bunnies were going to get split up on "The Girls Next Door." (And oddly enough, I felt somewhat vindicated or some other large vocabulary word, when I read in Entertainment Weekly that Diablo Cody is obsessed with the show and the Playboy empire as well.) First came the rumours that Kendra and Holly hated each other. Then Kendra was going to get a spin-off and leave the show. Then Holly was going to leave Hef. It was getting to be so tense, I'd bitten all my nails off.

But fear not. Hef himself weighed in on the speculation about Kendra's show, replying that, I think all three girls are likely to get spinoffs. I think they will be interconnected to the main show, and we will all appear on both.

Whew. I swear, if there came the day that I didn't see a big tittied blonde running after a little black dog and screaming about how she was grounded, I don't know where I else I would have turned to hear someone yell "Wednesday Addams!" Hell, if you think I'm a mess now, things would have really been ugly on down the line.

Source: Celebitchy


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