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Spice Sucks?

10.24.2007by: Seth Gecko

I have to hand it to the ladies of the infamous "Spice Girls", they really do know how to start the cash cow going as they've managed to sell out every single concert in their upcoming reunion tour. That said though, I've just had the displeasure of listening to their new single called "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)" and guess what.......yup, it SUCKS!

It starts off with a very nice tone and a gentle beat but then when all the girls start singing, it sounds like a bullet train riding at top speed through fucking brick factory and hitting every single brick along the way. It seriously sounds like a lame cluster-fuck of a song just because of the girls. To see what I mean, here is the song as it just appeared on This is coming from a guy who used to be a big fan of their music. Enjoy....if you can!



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