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Speaking of repeat offenders, Bella Thorne sucks on an everlasting milkshake

06.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
As far as I can tell, the greatest talent Bella Thorne has is her knack for self-exploitation. This girl knows what she's doing and is enjoying the attention she gets doing it. While taking a stroll and pretending to sip on a milkshake from Fatburger (because no matter how hard you try to make one of those last on a hot day in California, the only way it's not going to have a dent in it is if you're not really imbibing the thing) while making flirtatious eyes at the paparazzi's camera lens. Hell, even Britney Spears used to look fed up with the stalkers following her around in her heyday. Bella clearly knows that every little bit of exposure is going to help her continue to book roles that will dry up if she stops being the barely legal tart that she's marketed herself as. She's a great looking girl with a fantastic figure but until I see something more than that from her, I'm giving this whole shtick a max 3-5 year sentence before it gets tired and everyone moves on.
Source: Daily Mail


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