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South African model Annie Ericson serves up some sexy

12.30.2015by: No Cool Handle

Ah, South Africa. From the aftermath of apartheid and modern-day colonialism rose a breeding ground for sexy, slender, bikini babes and provided them with a perfect backdrop for which they can ply their trade. Come to the southernmost tip of Homo sapiens originating homeland and bear witness to an evolutionary anomaly like bikini model Annie Ericson. This beauty is packing an arsenal of awesome features; from her hypnotic, hazel eyes; full, pouty lips to a unusually rounded out ass (models this petite usually take a hit in that department), Annie Ericson is someone to keep a lookout for. If she slightly alters her diet to facilitate a bit of filling out in certain areas, there's a possibility she could become a go to girl for top photographers everywhere, looking to climb the professional ladder on her naked back.

Source: Egotastic


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