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Sophie Turner's Emmy appearance had everyone forgetting about her hair

09.19.2016by: Droz

Once again Game of Thrones was the big winner at this year's Emmy awards. No big surprise. This was a particularly good season of that show, with none of that plot fill bullshit like in past seasons. They finally got wise and crammed it full of plot progression and character development. It seems the showrunners have finally caught on to the fact that they can't keep this show going forever. Gotta move things along before some of the supposed adolescent cast start applying for social security.

One member of the GoT cast who is clearly no one's child anymore is Sophie Turner, who made the Emmy awards her chance to make her new blonde hair shine. She's looking good, but I'm still worried all the attention she's getting will go to her head, or more specifically cause her once glorious red to not return to her head. This is always a worry when blonde replaces red. We all remember what Marilyn said and Sophie definitely seems to be having fun.

Minor quibbles notwithstanding, the overall situation with Sophie doesn't depend on the hair color she's down for at any given time. The analogy is finding yourself lucky enough to park a Ferrari in your garage. Would it really matter if it was red or yellow? It's still a Ferrari and Sophie is still Sophie. We'd all be lucky to have her, in any color.

Sophie Turner Emmys 2016

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