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Sophie Turner went from cool in blue to red hot this SAG Award weekend

01.30.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I might just be coming around in regards to Sophie Turner's blonde hair. While I still think that the red looks better because well, red nearly always looks better on girls with paler complexions, when Sophie decided to vamp it up a bit in a red dress at the SAG Awards this weekend, it was a super combo. A day before walking the red carpet, she also proved that the blonde can work really well with a bright royal blue, showing off an up 'do at the Variety event before the SAGs. As Sophie has matured over the years since her start as a teenager on Game of Thrones, she's definitely found her stride on the red carpet, working it like a seasoned model who happens to also be a bit above such trivial, superficial things as standing and posing in couture. I do wish she'd put back on about 5 of the pounds she's lost recently because I'm just so tired of the malnourished look that's so damn popular in Hollywood. But beggars and choosers? I'd settle for the return to red.
Source: Daily Mail


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