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Sophie Turner gets drenched in dresses, still looks hot

04.15.2016by: Droz

There seems to be a repeating theme in all these magazine spreads of Sophie Turner coming out in advance of GoT season 6, namely a sense of empowerment and confidence. Sophie's frequently got an assured air about her in a lot of these. Makes me think they're subtly referencing the qualities her GoT alter ego, Sansa Stark, is going to assume this season. I sure hope she does. But I'm still a little iffy on how having her in the X-men will go over.

I'm not trying to slam Sophie or anything. However, she is still a little green as an actress. Famke Janssen spent several years infusing a perfect amount of determination mixed with passion into the Jean Grey character. Is Sophie going to be capable of taking up the reins there? I get that she's playing a much younger Jean, which will probably call for a little more awkwardness and uncertainty. She's still got some big shoes to fill. I have faith in Bryan Singer. I'm sure he wouldn't tank the character and potentially the whole movie just to get a Game of Thrones tie in. At least, I really hope he wouldn't. Then again, one can never underestimate the stupidity of a movie studio. Just gotta keep those fingers crossed.

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