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Sophie Turner was the belle of the Met Gala ball

05.02.2017by: Droz

Have you noticed how big dress up events like these Met Gala things seem to be Sophie Turner's cue to go out and outshine everyone else? She had a lot of competition for top spot among the 2017 Met Gala best and brightest hotties, but I have little doubt Sophie will rank right up there at the top of the heap in many fan's eyes. Girl does polish up quite well, but perhaps the best thing about this event is how there was not a Jonas brother in sight to annoyingly play interference between Sophie and the cameras, as has been happening ever since she starting dating whichever one of those douches she's with. I don't seem to recall Sophie being the sort to shy away from cameras before she took up with the latest addition to the washed up boy band heap. But then I can't blame her for being embarrassed to be seen out with a Jonas Brother. I'd feel the same. No matter though, as she looks fantastic here.

Source: Superior Pics


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