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Sophie Turner was a red hot, see thru, go-go dancer at Fashion Week

03.07.2017by: Droz

It's been something of a challenge lately sourcing pics of Sophie Turner doing much of anything without her Jonas brother running interference. Seems she feels like she needs to keep him close by, which is understandable. I hear those guys do tend to get around, having pretty the entire female sex at their disposal any time they like. Fortunately we have Photoshop available to us, which can excise any troublesome Jonas impurities fairly quickly, leaving behind only the purest Sophie Turner content in a see thru dress, which is the sort of valuable material we're all after here.

Fortunately for us, there wasn't a Jonas bro in sight for the second half of Sophie's Paris Fashion Week, where she made with the sexy Go-Go dancer look. With legs like Sophie's, she's uniquely geared toward that look. I get the sense these Fashion Week things are like the celebrity hottie version of following The Dead. They happen all over the world and there are always celebs at each one of them. It's like they drop everything when the siren call of high fashion rings in their ears. I'm not surprised.

Source: Superior Pics


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